Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Fleet Insurance provides similar insurance coverage as Commercial Automobile Insurance but is available to businesses that have 5 or more motorized vehicles to be insured.


Like Personal Auto Insurance, Commercial Automobile Insurance is rated based on the type of vehicle, the town the vehicle is garaged or parked in at night, your previous claims experience and the driving records of your employees. Drivers with clean driving records and businesses with low claims history will have the most competitive business automobile insurance rates.


Commercial Vehicle Insurance will provide both liability coverage to protect the business and physical damage coverage on the vehicle.


Whether your business is small, medium or large, we can work with you to analyze your specific needs and then market your account to find the broadest coverage at the best price to meet your business requirements. We have access to many different companies that write Commercial Vehicle Insurance. Our professional staff is here to help you with all your commercial insurance needs.


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