Crime Insurance

Crime Insurance

You may know and trust the people who work for you, but that trust may be misplaced. Experts acknowledge that this is one of the fastest-growing problems facing businesses today. Crime losses are more prevalent today due to the changing economic environment, technology advancements and international expansion.


White-collar criminals might not look dangerous, but they can cause financial problems for a business and damage its credibility. Maintenance of strong, enforceable internal controls should be a priority for any business. Crime-related losses are not typically covered by most property insurance policies. If such losses are covered, most policies provide only nominal amounts of coverage for money and securities as well as employee dishonesty. A commercial crime policy can provide protection for your business and can include the following coverage:


• Employee Dishonesty—theft of money, securities and other property

• Forgery or Alteration

• Theft of Money & Securities

• Burglary or Robbery

• Depositor’s Forgery

• Computer Fraud and Funds Transfer Fraud


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