Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability

Every business needs Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) to protect it against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of premises operations, products and completed operations, and advertising and personal injury liability. CGL coverage also pays for the injured party’s medical expenses. It excludes your employees, who are covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance.


Defending against a legal complaint, even a minor one, is costly. This insurance obligates the insurer to provide a defense and pay for various legal costs when there is a covered liability claim or lawsuit against the insured.


You should check your lease and other legal contracts you have signed to confirm that you have adequate liability insurance limits to meet the contract requirements. Our educated staff can provide options to meet your contract requirements and provide you with peace of mind for a price you can afford.


No matter how hard you work, one disaster can destroy your business. Protect your business with the proper insurance and trust the people at Holden Agency Insurance to help you customize an insurance package to meet your specific needs.


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