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town of Alfred, Maine

The first humans to inhabit Alfred arrived about 12,000 years ago, remaining relatively undisturbed until the arrival of the first European settlers. Colonization of the Maine coast started in 1622, but conflict between the English, French and Indians hampered settlement of the interior.

Simeon Coffin, from Newbury Massachusetts, was Alfred's first known settler. In 1764 he built a wigwam near the north side of Shaker Pond, which was then called Massabesic. Substantial home construction began soon after; Alfred's first two-story houses, the Daniel Gile homestead on Federal Street, still stands today. Within 20 years, the town had sawmills, gristmills, a brickyard, tanners and potters. The first school was started in 1770.

A thriving lumber industry developed. Many areas of virgin pine were cut for the lucrative "mast trade”. When the first growth was cut, prime land became available for crops and pasture, and an agricultural economy developed.

The area that is now Alfred was included in the town of Sanford, and was later known as the north parish of Sanford. Finally, the town separated from Sanford in 1794 and was named "Alfred." At that time the town had a population of about 400, including 120 taxpayers


Town Hall
16 Saco Road
Alfred, ME 04002
324-5872 x 204

Population 2,901
Latitude 43.4764
Longitude 43.4764

RSU 57

Parks & Recreation
Estes Lake
Shaker Pond
Middle Branch Pond
Round Pond

Community Facilities
Parson’s Memorial Library
Alfred Shaker Museum
Alfred Historic Society

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York County Community Action
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