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town of North Yarmouth, Maine

North Yarmouth is situated a little east of the center of Cumberland County, 14 miles N.N.E. of Portland. On the east is Pownal; Yarmouth and Cumberland bound it on the south, the latter and Gray on the west and north-west, New Gloucester and Pownal on the north. The form of the town is nearly square.

North Yarmouth is a rural town with no major business located within its borders. There are four local Churches, a Carriage Museum, four municipal parks of which three have maintained walking trails, and three municipal cemeteries. School age children residing in North Yarmouth attend the MSAD#51 schools with children from the Town of Cumberland. North Yarmouth also shares the Prince Memorial Library & Recreation Programs with the residents of Cumberland. Annually the town hosts a Summer Concert Series on the Village Green, Fun Day (events include a pancake breakfast, parade, live music, kid’s fun run, adult run, diaper derby, exhibits, raffles and much more) and a Clean Up Day, for all those items you can’t put out for curbside pickup.

The area embracing North Yarmouth, first settled in 1636, was abandoned twice before successful final settlement in 1713. In 1646, William Royall purchased a farm on the river that, since, has borne his name. John Cousins, a few years previous, occupied a neck of land between branches of a stream and owned an island, both now bearing his name. These settlements were established in the vicinity, called by the Wabanakis, as “Wescustogo”. Yarmouth originally constituted the eastern portion of North Yarmouth; the “North” in the name intended to differentiate it from Yarmouth, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod (Maine was then a part of Massachusetts). North Yarmouth was chartered on September 22, 1680, encompassing the area of the present Town of North Yarmouth and the future towns of Harpswell (until 1750), Freeport (until 1789), Pownal (until 1808, from Freeport), Cumberland (until 1821), and Yarmouth (until 1849).



Town Hall
10 Village Square Road
North Yarmouth, ME 04097

Population 3,596
Latitude 43.8612459686
Longitude  -70.2284687098

MSAD # 51
North Yarmouth Acadmey

Parks & Recreation
Wescustogo Park
Chandler Brook Preserve

Community Facilities
North Yarmouth Historical Society

Hospitals/Clinic/Public Health
Mercy Hospital
Maine Medical Center