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town of Sanford, Maine

In 1661 a lumberman named William Phillips, who owned several mills along the Saco River, purchased a large tract of land from the Indian Chief Fluellin plus another from Chief John Rogomock. That purchase encompassed what is now the town of Sanford plus some area from its surrounding towns. The parcel was called "Phillipstown" and remained uninhabited until 1739.

Once settlement began, the town grew rapidly. An unofficial census in 1752 listed 100 residents, while the first official census taken in 1790 listed 1,799. Residents petitioning for town status finally succeeded in 1768. Maine was then a province of Massachusetts, so the Governor of Massachusetts was responsible for signing the incorporation papers. He exercised his right to choose a name for the town, and selected "Sanford" in honor of Peleg Sanford, stepson of William Phillips and former four-term Governor for the State of Rhode Island.


Town Hall
919 Main Street
Sanford, ME 04002

Population 10,839
Latitude 43.35224
Longitude  70.708888

Sanford Public Schools

Parks & Recreation
Goodall Park
Gowen Park
Estes Lake
Mousam Lake

Community Facilities
Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library
Sanford Regional Airport

Hospitals/Clinic/Public Health
Goodall Hospital

York County Community Action – 6 Spruce Street, Sanford – 324-5762
Caring Unlimited, 965 Main Street, Sanford – 324-1802
Literacy Volunteers, 883 Main Street #4, Sanford – 324-2486
Salvation Army, 871 Main Street, Sanford – 324.3134