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town of Sebago, Maine

Located on the Northwest shore of Sebago Lake, the Town of Sebago was incorporated on February 10, 1826. It was originally part of the Town of Baldwin, with parts of Denmark and Naples added later.

Baldwin, originally known as Flintstown, was established by a grant to the survivors of the company of Captain Flint of Concord, Mass in 1774. This was not the first grant to Captain Flint; an earlier grant was given in 1735, but abandoned in 1751 when the New Hampshire border was established. Even this grant nearly failed; the conditions to establish 30 families were not met by 1780, and the time period was extended 6 years. They eventually met the conditions "by the skin of their teeth" and had to "strain a point" to show that the grant conditions had been fulfilled.

Baldwin was incorporated on June 23, 1802, named for one of the early settlers, Loammi Baldwin. The town was "destitute of a meeting house and minister", indeed, the twenty miles of county roads that had been constructed were in a "dangerous condition for teams, carriages, or horses."

The earliest inhabitants of the northern portions of Baldwin were lumberjacks and woodsmen, who left the area as soon at the first growth of pine was cut. The first permanent settlers of this area were Joseph Lakin and Jacob Howe. Mr. Howe carried the first mail from Bridgton; there are no records of his family remaining in the area. Joseph Lakin came from Groton, Mass. in 1790 and built a cabin. He returned later with his family and goods, crossing Sebago Lake by boat and made his way to the spot where he hoped a public road would eventually be built.


Town Hall
406 Bridgton Road
Sebago, ME 04029

Population 1,564
Latitude 43.760911
Longitude  -70.5256099

MSAD #61

Parks & Recreation
Sebago Lake State Park

Community Facilities
Sebago Historical Society
Spaulding Memorial Library

Hospitals/Clinic/Public Health
Bridgton Hospital
Mercy Hospital
Maine Medical Center